Our Mission:

Promoting Cuban and pan-American cultures, connecting all generations to their culture of origin, creating strong community and global ties by supporting engaged citizenship through education, cultural and social programming.


The Atlanta Cuban Club was founded in 1977 by Cuban exiles who wanted to be with people who shared their experience and culture. Over the past 40 years, they have developed a strong membership and a stable standing in Doraville.

The generation of their children who came here with them as babies, or who were born here but heard of the homeland all their lives have grown up with a strong love of the US and a strong yearning for Cuba as well. It is a mythical homeland that my generation will likely never see.

We know this experience is common among immigrants and children of immigrants. Now that we have children of our own, it is our turn to honor the legacy of our parents. They gave us the opportunities that freedom offers and passed down the richness of our home culture. We want to share our good fortune and stable community with others who share our language, and to further our own understanding by exploring other Latin American countries.

There are Japanese schools, German schools and Dutch schools. Why not a "Latinx" school? Why not reinforce our culture and share at the same time?

We hope to build a community dedicated to learning, sharing and advocating for others who came here while celebrating the richness of the places they left. We hope to offer a place where our parents and our children feel welcome, cherished and nurtured.

We hope you will join us in our journey. We have already come so far.




Classes in traditional Latino arts and culture for all ages. Class calendar coming soon. Please join our email list for notifications.

Events and Recreation

Parties over the course of the year, special cultural events and celebrations from various countries and cultures.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Over the course of the year, the Cubamerica Foundation will partner with other groups and corporations to provide assistance to our communities. Sign up here.

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Join, Donate, Volunteer

Join us on this journey! 3 ways to get involved:

  1. Become a member of  The Atlanta Cuban Club
  2. Donate to the Cubamerica Foundation
  3. Volunteer your time and talents to make our mission successful